Review: Off the Record by Camryn Rhys


    Camryn Rhys’ Off the Record takes us on a fun, delicious journey of food and romance. Rhys’ specialty is foodie romance, the sensuality and chemistry bursting at the pages between Kit and Emily. A short story that those who love foodie romance will surely enjoy. In Off the Record, we see more than a romance, we see a connection between these two characters that is what love is really about. You’ll be rooting for both characters to be together. I also loved how the whole food critic was incorporated into it, Emily was a fun character to read. Every time I read Rhys books I want to go find something to eat!






    Off the Record

    Camryn Rhys

    Genre: Erotic, F/F


    Book Blurb:

    Lust strikes as their eyes meet over a basket of overpriced Roquefort…

    Surprised to meet chef Kit Parker at the grocery store, Emily goes undercover to Kit’s restaurant that very night, only to crave more than her cooking. As a food critic, Emily finds it hard to resist the delectable cuisine or the busty, punky chef who created it.

    Kit believes she’s met the woman of her dreams, but her new lover is hiding something. When a scathing review hits right before grand opening, all blame points to Emily. Will their relationship fizzle before it sizzles?


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