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Title: Perfect Partners dot com
Author: Kate Richards
Author Website:
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick-lit, Sweet Confections heat level rating
Publisher: Breathless Press
Price: $1.99
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What I liked: I stared hard at the button. What to do? The lipstick-red heart pulsed in a faintly menacing manner, calling out to me. Press. Me. Press. Me.

Then realization occurred. If I was seeing his picture, he was no doubt seeing mine.


The Internet is a place filled with intrigue and danger. Yet in this modern age so many lonely hearts are tired of looking for love in the usual places and pin their hopes on the promises of finding not just a partner but the perfect partner. Is true love possible in cyberspace? Are those gorgeous people really what they seem?

Rachel, exasperated and lonely, decides to take the plunge and search for her perfect partner online. Creating a wild fantasy man, Rachel believes there is no such thing as a perfect partner – until the perfect vision of her dreams is right there on her computer screen! But is the dashing Quinn Everby a dream come true or a nightmare lurking behind those irresistible eyes?

Kate Richards’s latest read, Perfect Partners dot Com – part of her Tales of Internet Romance Series, is a thoroughly modern tale of love and trust. Richards’ heroine Rachel is sceptical and hopeful in her quest to find the perfect guy. Well-meaning but intrusive friends (and a mother!) tell Rachel that Perfect promises to find the perfect mate for everyone. But Rachel’s instincts remind her that the Internet is full of deception. Quinn Everby looks like the perfect man but will Rachel discover another side to Quinn? Rachel’s fresh take on the doubting heroine makes for a fun read.

Richard’s uses effective storytelling in this short and lively paced love story. Great short stories use rich description without getting bogged down in too many details, and here Richards give readers a story for the times with memorable characters and smart writing.

Book blurb: Scarred from dating hell, Rachel never expected to receive a membership to from her meddling mother and co-workers on her birthday. To please her loved ones, she joined the Internet dating service, but on her terms and requesting the impossible—until she received a surprise: Mr. Perfect in the flesh.

Handsome, intelligent, Quinn Everby was everything a woman could wish for, if only Rachel could allow herself to give him a chance. Will she put faith in the site’s choice, or will their encounter show Rachel that there is no “perfect partner”?

Book excerpt: I clicked.

The screen went wild. Golden confetti and silver streamers shot across the monitor like fireworks, and when it all settled down, a name appeared—this time in tall, electric blue capitals: QUINN EVERBY.

Quinn? Really? A remarkable name. I giggled. I guess I had asked for an extraordinary man, after all.

Too intrigued to stop, I scrolled down and found that Mr. Quinn Everby was a self-trained software designer, who spent his summers assisting on archeological digs in the Sahara and his winters bowling. He had indeed been born in China, where his parents were some sort of trade delegates. One by one, my stated preferences were met, and on the next page, I found a picture of a dark haired, sky-blue-eyed Adonis. Fantasies erupted, adding to my deprived sensuality.

Elbow on the table, I laid my cheek in palm and studied Quinn’s sensuously full lips. How would he kiss? With great lips and a smile that lit up to those incredible eyes, I may have trouble keeping my hands to myself. We would have two children and maybe—wait, no. I sat up. Craziness.

What was I thinking?

By: Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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kate richards 10/20/2010 - 3:21 pm

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing Perfect partners dot Com. Your kind words made my day!


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