Review: Persuading Prudence by Liz Cole

Cole brings the heat and the passion in Persuading Prudence. This historical, erotic romance takes place in Bath, England in the 1800’s.  Poor Prudence has the night of her life when Lord Ravensbrook visits her room drunk. Little does he know he has the wrong room and the wrong woman. Prudence thinking less of herself and more of the handsome man, takes a chance that will forever change the relationship she has with Ravensbrook. One night truly does complicate things and Prudence finds just that when Ravensbrook awakens. Ravensbrook proposes to marry Prudence because she may be with his child, but there is just one problem, Prudence objects! That leaves Ravensbrook to have to persuade her to say yes? Will another steamy encounter change her mind and can Ravensbrook change Prudence of the lowly opinion she has of herself? You’ll just have to find out by reading Persuading Prudence. Cole writes the time period well as the characters are brought to life. I loved Ravensbrook as he is quite the character, absolutely wicked and charming. Those who love historical and erotic romance novels will fall in love with this story.


Title: Persuading Prudence

Author: Liz Cole

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Historical erotic romance

ISBN: 978-1-926930-36-7

Price: 3.99



A night of passion and mistaken identity has consequences . . .

Frumpy Lady Prudence Mayville has harbored a tenure for the devilishly dashing Lord Ravensbrook since her days in the schoolroom. So when the sotted earl mistakes her room for his and her for his mistress, Prudence finds it impossible to resist a chance to experience his passionate lovemaking.

When Kolton, Lord Ravensbrook awakens naked in the wrong room and realizes what had occurred, he does the honorable thing and asks for Prudence’s hand in marriage. Kolton is stunned when she turns him down flat. Why on earth would a compromised spinster refuse the most eligible bachelor of the season? Humbled, Kolton tries to overcome her objections, but will he be successful in persuading Prudence?


Prudence waited for what seemed like hours before Kolton began to snore softly. Cautiously, she lifted the covers and prepared to climb out of bed.

He stirred. Prudence froze, almost afraid to breathe. He mumbled something in his sleep and rolled over, flinging his arm across her waist. She remained unmoving, relaxing only marginally when his snoring soon continued.

Again, she attempted to slide out of bed, but he grunted something intelligible and pulled her against him, her back to his front. Prudence panicked. She tried to wriggle out of his grasp, but he tightened his hold and snuggled his face into the crook of her neck.

“Mmm. You smell good,” he mumbled sleepily and ran his tongue up the side of her neck, stopping to nibble at her ear.

Prudence felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her. As she fought to breathe, Kolton’s hand slid up and cupped her breast. She drew a sharp breath as his thumb stroked her nipple, which hardened immediately at his touch, sending shockwaves of warmth rippling through her body, coalescing in a tight knot in her lower abdomen.

She had to stop him. But if she did, he would realize who she was—and she was pretty sure he didn’t at the moment. Perhaps he thought she was his mistress. If that were the case, she didn’t want him to realize his mistake and face the horrible embarrassment that would result.

Prudence gasped when he rolled her over and climbed atop her, his hard, lean length pressing down on her. Her body instantly responded, arousal licking her insides. Her pulse raced impossibly faster, her breathing coming in soft pants. Her nipples hardened embarrassingly further at the feel his smooth chest rubbing against them.

“No, Kolton, wait—” she whispered urgently, only to be silenced by his mouth pressing down upon hers.

Prudence had never been kissed, much less with such fervor, and especially not by Kolton. His mouth devoured hers and his tongue pushed insistently at her lips until they parted allowing him to plunge between them.

Her mind blanked to all but the feel of his naked flesh pressing against hers and his breath-stealing kiss. She responded, mimicking the movements of his lips and tangled her tongue with his.

He groaned. Wrapping his arms around her, he slid his hands down her back and grabbed her bottom. He pulled her tight against him and ground his hips against her.

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