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Pet Me
By Amarinda Jones

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance Novella

Release: January 27, 2010

Price: $4.45 (available as an e-book only) ISBN: 97871419922725

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave 

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked:
First of all, Jones wins a prize for the most creative aphrodisiac ever: buying goldfish at the pet store. Plus, the heroine was just so unique. Her inner monologue was killer, and by the end of the book, I found myself hoping that Amarinda Jones would write another book about this couple. Very hot, very charming, very entertaining and funny. There were a few slow parts, but in general, the heroine carried it. And that’s unusual for a romance novel. The hero was nothing to laugh at, either. Hot. All in all, a very good read.

Book Blurb

When Drusilla Camm accidently kills Arthur, her niece’s wonky-eyed goldfish, she’s desperate to find a replacement. The only one to be found is the same one that a hot, hard-bodied man wants and he’s not about to give up. While this guy may be sex on a stick, Drusilla is determined to get that fish. As for the man, she might just have him as well.
Newspaper reporter Cormack Flint loves women and is rarely surprised by them—until he meets sexy Drusilla. Instantly in lust, he might just be persuaded to give up the fish if some sweaty sex is on offer.

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