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If you like historical fiction with a twist, then you will love Halleron’s Portrait of the Past. Slavery in this country is part of our history, no matter how ugly it was. We face it and learn about the cruelty of man. Halleron provides us with some of the ugly truths of the about the slavery system in the South,workings of the Underground Railroad, and the battles fought in Kentucky. While reading the Portrait you will get to know Marguerite who is an escaped slave and is hired to paint a portrait of a wealthy family. Portrait features many players as characters and we get to know all points of view of each character. All of these different accounts that lead back to our main protagonist. Beautifully written, Halleron will have you touch the past without being there and just by reading. Portrait of the Past was such an interesting read that all that love history will love learn about and not repeat ever again.











Portrait of the Past

Kate Holleron

Genre: Historical


Book Blurb:

Since the day Marguerite escaped from slavery, she has always run from trouble. When she is hired to paint a portrait for a wealthy family, she is unexpectedly confronted by the father of her young husband, who was killed aiding her escape. Uncertain how to make amends, she does the only thing she knows paint a portrait, a portrait of the family she once lost.

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