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Denise Alicea

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Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayer (The Adventures of Prince Iggy)

Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions (The Adventures of Prince Iggy)

Book Blurb:

All Iggy Rose wants is for the kids at the Naysayer Academy to like him, and one special girl in particular. But instead, he gets teased and taunted. Every day, he eats alone in the cafeteria and gets beaten up after school on the playground. But when a cruel prank leads to Iggy’s escape from the academy, a wild, unimaginable adventure begins.

 Why is King Naysayer offering a hefty reward for Iggy’s capture? When Iggy joins forces with an eclectic cast of characters, he discovers the answer. But before he can escape from the kingdom of Naysayer, Iggy must first reclaim what is rightfully his. Does this sad, lonely boy have the courage to battle the biggest school bully, a mean headmistress, and a greedy, cruel king? Will Iggy finally believe in himself and discover his true destiny?


Flynn takes us into a magical world where anything can happen. You really do feel and root for Iggy. His character is very sweet and understanding against those who try to oppress him. Iggy takes us on a journey where even he learns about himself in unexpected ways. He’s not the little boy in the beginning who let everyone dump on him to the boy who isn’t afraid to talk back. Even the illustrations by Vicenco  in the book are a beautiful addition and make the reader enjoy Iggy’s transformational journey. Flynn’s book reminded me a bit of Harry Potter, but he adds his own cast of characters and a boy (Iggy), fun dialogue, and an amazing story  that you can’t help but root for. If you are looking for a great book to get your kids hooked on, then I recommend the Prince Iggy series.


Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

Let’s start by confessing that Aldo Fynn is actually a we and not a he.  It is the pen name used by a husband and wife team living in California. Aldo is the creative mind behind the quirky stories and Mrs. Fynn tackles the business end of things.  This May will mark our first year independently publishing children’s books and it’s been quite a journey – an exciting one!


Tell us about your book? How did it get started?

Prince Iggy and The Kingdom of Naysayer is about a young boy who embarks on a wacky, fantastical adventure with an eclectic cast of characters that teach him about friendship and self-confidence. It touches on themes about bullying, depression and the search for happiness and love. The book contains many beautiful black-and-white illustrations by our good friend Richie Vicencio.  While the themes in the book are serious, the plot is actually quirky and fast-paced.  If you like the first book, the adventures continue in Prince Iggy and the Tower of Decisions.

What inspires and what got your started in writing?

Aldo has been interested in storytelling from a young age.  It likely stemmed from his fascination with the movies, which lead him to film school.  Since then, he has worked in the entertainment industry in various roles. He started in TV and news production, theater and eventually moved to video games.  During the Internet boom, his interest began to lean toward the convergence of different mediums to tell a story.

With tablets and e-reading devices becoming more popular, we are really excited about the future of books. Right now, we see traditional print books being consumed electronically or a growing number of readers listening to audio books. But we are not yet experiencing an integration of the written word, with sound and visuals. Prince Iggy gave us an opportunity to tell a story with both text and illustrations but we’d love to take it to anther level. As we increase our fan base, this is something we plan to explore and continues to inspire future story telling.


Where do you write? Is there something you need in order to write (music, drinks?)

Aldo writes first thing in the morning in our home office with a fresh brewed cup of coffee.


How do you get your ideas for writing?

We watch lots of movies (new and old) and read all the time. We’re also big fans of the theater and support many of the independent theater companies in our area.
What would your advice to be for authors or aspiring in regards to writing?


Integrate writing into your daily routine – just like you eat 3 meals a day, shower and exercise. Make room to write in your life. If time is tight squeeze in as many minutes of writing as you can – even if it’s ten minutes per day. Over time, it adds up.


Anything else you’d like to share?

We’re publishing two rhyming picture books. They are fun to read out loud and aim to teach children about bullying and anger management. They’ll be available soon on Amazon. We’d love to hear from our readers so don’t be shy and contact us via email at aldofynn[at]

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