Review: Reversible Skirt by Laura McHale Holland

Holland’s takes on a journey of three girls who grow into women and begin to piece the horrendous abuse that they endured. It was such a heart wrenching story that it quickly draws you into the world of these brave girls. Their father quickly replacing their mother out of haste and causing them more grief. Laura brings us into her world and I wish Laura were here because I would outright hug her. For any child to go through what she did at the hands of someone brought in to be their mother’s replacement is just horrifying. Holland has shown that she took what she learned in life and applied it well because she had the courage to do so. I applaud her. It’s interesting to see what we learn throughout someone else’s human journey and find that not all is as beautiful. Holland writes through the eyes of the child reminding us that those we think are voiceless always have a voice in the end. Everyone has their story to tell. Although heart wrenching, it’s a beautiful story of three sisters sticking together no matter what happened to them. I’m very glad I read this story and you will too. Go ahead and pick it up!


Laura McHale Holland


Laura McHale Holland is a writer, editor and occasional storyteller living in southern Sonoma County. Her award-winning memoir,Reversible Skirt, was recently released by Wordforest, and her short fiction has appeared in The Best of Every Day Fiction Three, as well as the 2009 and 2010 Vintage Voices anthologies. She has also been a feature writer for such local publications asNorthBay biz, the Noe Valley Voice, and the original San Francisco Examiner. She is posting new flash fiction weekly in 2011.

Publisher: Wordforest
Book Title: Reversible Skirt
Number of Pages: 268 pages
Genre of Book: Memoir
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Book Blurb:

When the mother of three little girls commits suicide, their father wants more than anything to keep his family together. He remarries in haste and tells his daughters his new wife is their mother. The youngest, Laura, believes her mother must have gone through a kind of magical transformation. Reversible Skirt is written from Laura’s perspective as a child sifting through remnants of her mother’s existence and struggling to fit into a community where her family’s strict rules are not the norm. When Laura’s father dies, her stepmother grows increasingly abusive, which propels Laura and her sisters into a lasting alliance. Their father’s wish that they stay together comes true, although not in the way he’d imagined.

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