Review: Rodeo Queen by Helen Hardt

Catie comes back from being in Europe.  She is happy to be home but afraid of seeing Chad again after 4 years of being away.  When her brother takes her to the local bar the Bullfrog they bump into Chad and another woman Amber we find out who is new in town.  Chad has noticed Catie is all grown up now when he gets a dance with her.  Will he notice she still loves him and not just a school girl crush?

I liked the story girl next door gets the guy etc.  The characters were well done, but I did not like how Chad treated Catie when though he was losing everything about being a single man.  He is loving most of the time.  Out of all the 3 bothers Chad is my least favorite.  The reason I did like the story….Catie was down to earth and all she wanted was the man to love her and she finally told him what she wanted and fave him an ultimatium and it worked in the end.  

The setting was good you though at times you were one riding the horse in the pasture.    I like the author and her wriitng style.  

Over all this is a fun read and nice love story with some problems but who of us have not had problems.

Rodeo Queen

















Rodeo Queen 

Helen Hardt

Genre: Western Romance


Book Blurb:

Catie Bay has worshiped much older Chad McCray since she was a child. When she fumbles a seduction attempt after her graduation from high school, she flees to Europe. Four years later, she returns a beautiful, worldly woman, and Chad takes notice. Is the rodeo queen still in love with the sexy cowboy, and is he capable of returning her feelings?





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  • Thank you again for taking the time to read another of my McCray Brothers stories! I'm so happy you enjoyed Rodeo Queen and A Cowboy and a Gentleman. I'd love for you to review the first story in the series, Ivy League Cowboy. Contact me for a copy if you don't have one — Have a great day!

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