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If you’re looking for a fun, contemporary romance with great characters that you can connect with then you’ll need to read Sail Away with Me. Sail Away with me is the story of Jody who is on a cruise with her friends. While on the cruise, Jody meets Taggart and begins a fling with him. Jody doesn’t want anymore than a fling due her recent divorce, she wants to focus on raising her son. A successful author, Taggart likes Jody and wants it to be more, but can he convince her otherwise? Taggart has his own secret and when it comes out it may not be the thing he needs to get Jody to see more than a fling with him. I really enjoyed reading this book because Devaux makes the characters relatabile and interesting. Jody sees new life ahead of her without men, but there is something about Taggart that really makes her think.



Book Blurb:

Jody Carter, recently divorced single mom lives in the quaint seaside town with her twelve year old son, and her recently widowed father. After Jody’s divorce from her college sweetheart, Ryan, she and her three best girl friends decide she needs to lighten up. Along with her friends, Lauren, the glamorous ex model divorcee, Cricket the worry wart, and Doreen, who is more comfortable in gumboots than high heels, Jody books a girl’s holiday aboard the Pearl of the Sea for a week of fun in the sun on a Caribbean cruise.

But before the four friends ever set foot aboard the cruise ship, Jody’s shoe gets stuck in the ship’s gangway and a hunky celebrity saves it from falling to the depths of the sea. Jody can feel the sparks between them but she has sworn off men after her divorce from Ryan.

The hunky man and shoe rescuer is Taggart Keith, a celebrity and best selling author of self help books. He falls for Jody the moment he meets her. He’s a man used to getting what he wants and pursues Jody. Despite her undeniable attraction to Taggart, the last thing Jody needs is to complicate her life in just seven short days, but that’s exactly what happens when she falls for the dashing Taggart Keith. She worries that his jet set lifestyle won’t mix with her small town single mom life once the cruise is over and the fact she has no room in her life for a man and especially a man who dreams big like Taggart. She’s had enough of dreamers with her ex husband Ryan.

The cruise becomes more than they both bargained for when their attraction sizzles. Is it full steam ahead for Taggart and Jody?



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