Review: Seeker of Truth by C.L. Shore

Shore sets us an exciting mystery where the characters are vulnerable and seeking out the truth is dangerous. What a thrill ride that Shore provides you will leaving you wanting to read this cover to cover. Detective Jed McCracken is called to the scene to investigate what he think is a crime and turns into a hunt to find a killer. One that involves an old friend that is now a nun. Together they will try to catch a killer, but is that enough? Pick up this book to find out. Shore provides interesting characters who are vulnerable and who give us a glimpse into their worlds. Although I found the use of a nun a bit off, Shore does make it work in her favor. I find that sometimes you have to have an open mind to mystery stories and go along the journey wherever it may take you. Those who love a good mystery will enjoy this read and it will keep you on your toes, trying to guess what may befall the detective and Sister Lucie.




Seeker of Truth

C.L. Shore

Genre: Mystery

Publisher: Eternal Press


About the book:
Tracking the truth can be courageous…and deadly. Detective Jed McCracken is tempted to dismiss his first phone call of the week as a prank, until he realizes he’s talking to his late partner’s widow, Sarah. Jed hasn’t spoken to her since her husband’s death and is shocked to discover that Sarah is now Sister Lucie.

She’s distraught over breaking news about the murder of a former fellow nun and intent on finding her killer.

Together, they rekindle their lost friendship while untangling a network of deception, lust and greed. Although they appear to be closing in, the killer proves elusive, prompting Jed to persuade Sister Lucie to bait a trap.

Will Sister Lucie outwit the murderer…or become his next victim?


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