Review: Shackle Me Not

From the title, I expected this to be a bdsm book, but it wasn’t. It was from the Moderne line at Ellora’s Cave, which I always enjoy, and it was quite a short novella. Only about 60 pages, so a very quick read.

I’ve read other Amarinda Jones books and always enjoyed them. This one was no different. I loved the dialogue and the characters, and the reunion kind of story line is one of my favorites. Because it’s short, it moves quickly, but there’s a satisfying romance in this book that I really enjoyed.

After having, now, three good experiences with Amarinda Jones’ books from Ellora’s Cave, I think I’ll be adding her to my list of authors I’ll keep reading. Plus, I see she has a werewolf book out… rahr…

TITLE: Shackle Me Not
AUTHOR: Amarinda Jones
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave

Book Blurb:
Hot, wild sex is one thing but commitment is another. Katharine Mayflower is only too willing to jump Wil Sattler’s delicious body in an orgasmic frenzy of lust but the idea of forever scares her. Sure, songs have been written about it, but Katharine isn’t sure she can keep up with the beat.

Wil has two great loves—Katharine and music. His plan is to serenade her heart and body with sex, sin and submission until the only thing she can think of is him and her need for love. Music brought them back together, desire and hunger will seal their fate.

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