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Review: Shooting Stars by Shay MacLean

Review: Shooting Stars by Shay MacLean

Shay MacLean certainly knows how to weave a magical story with her accomplished use of a tale within a tale, and a flashback.  She is lyrical and economical in her language and totally hypnotises the reader within the space of a few short sentences. 

Her main character is Wilhemina Brock, a thoroughly modern heroine, who is intelligent, ambitious and beautiful.  Wilhemina is training to be a paediatric cardiologist, and is on the point of completing her residency as the story starts.  Like many a modern professional woman, Wilhemina is a complex of layers and competing versions of herself, a number of which are not for public consumption.  The brief display of something which should have remained private is the beginning of an unravelling which enthrals us.  

Shay MacLean understands the natural drama and eroticism that occurs when the line between public and private is crossed – when a colleague spots Wilhemina’s tattoo, when Wilhemina‘s college professor moves out of the classroom and into the bar room. She is deft and light in her narrative construction, giving us enough to imagine further without overloading us with detail. 

Although the heroine is thoroughly modern, the story itself manages to be both erotic and sweetly old fashioned with its shooting stars and strong male lead, who is always on hand to rescue and educate his protégée. 

Her tale was skilful and enchanting.  If you enjoy erotic romance you will want to read “Shooting Stars“ by Shay MacLean.


Title: “Shooting Stars”

Author: Shay MacLean


Publisher: Keith Publications
Series: The Tramp Stamp (First to be released)


Dr. Wilhemina Brock has always tried to keep her private life separate from her work, but when the new nurse on staff catches a glimpse of her tramp stamp, she’s coerced into spilling the story behind it. Will her revelation open new doors, as well as release her from her inhibitions about the tattoo?

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Shooting Stars Excerpt

   Dr. Wilhemina Brock glanced in the mirror on the door of her locker. She frowned at the tight braid she’d twisted it into that morning. She reached up and released the clip holding it in place then shook out her long raven tresses. Soft wispy locks curled around her shoulders, sending shivers of pleasure dancing on her skin. Much better. Smiling to herself she grabbed her black t-shirt and started to pull it over her head.

   A whistle sounded from the door. “Damn, that’s sexy.” A very masculine voice said.

   Willa spun around, tugging the hem of her shirt into place. Keenan Fergason. The newest addition to the nursing staff. His muscular build, rugged features, reddish brown hair and sparkling green eyes had everyone lusting after him. She could feel the blush that stained her cheeks at his continued appraisal of her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Keenan. I’ve gotta run. I’m meeting Schy for dinner in half an hour.” She reached up to stuff her lab coat into her locker and felt the bottom of her shirt raise above her low cut jeans.

    “I’m not letting you leave here until you give me the dirt on that sexy tramp stamp you’re sporting there, Dr. Willa,” Kee said.

    She glanced over in time to see him wiggle his eyebrows as he said the words tramp stamp. Shit. Just what she needed.  News of her guilty pleasure traveling all over the hospital as she was finishing up her residency.


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