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Speakeasy Sweetheart

Clare Murray


Murray has taken us back to the Roaring Twenties. Lost on luck, Sasha wishes that she could go back in time to sing. With a voice like she does, fate sees it to take her back to sing the blues at a speakeasy in New York and into the arms of handsome, Blaze O’Rourke. Handsome as he is, Sasha is worried about getting home and not being the middle of a rivalry between O’Rourke and Cornell. There is just something about Blaze that she is learning to love and his passion towards her. Scenes between the two are not to be missed! Murray really captures the Roaring Twenties and I felt like I was there with the dialogue and scenery she describes. It made me want to go back to the time period! Looking for a hot time traveling romance? Speakeasy Sweetheart is the one to read!


Book Blurb

Her boyfriend dumped her, she’s being evicted and she has no job prospects—Sasha Kelly doesn’t have much to look forward to. Until she stumbles through a mysterious door at her college graduation after-party and lands in a New York City speakeasy in the Roaring Twenties. Before she even figures out what’s going on, she’s in the lap of Blaze O’Rourke as they escape both a police raid and the dangerous criminal who is Blaze’s archenemy.

Blaze can’t resist the beautiful woman in his lap, but he’s determined to find out why she was singing in Vincent Cornell’s club. If that means kidnapping and seducing her, so be it. Cornell killed his brother and Blaze has been seeking revenge for two years. But Sasha’s presence re-awakes Blaze’s hunger for someone to love and he’s truly enjoying life—and sex—for the first time in years.

Then Cornell kidnaps Sasha, forcing Blaze to choose between revenge and love.


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