Review: Talk to Me


    People ask me a lot what “erotic romance” is, because I write it. I say, it’s a love story in which sex is the primary motivator behind a couple falling in love. They may not think they want to be in love, and they may even think they’re going to have casual sex, but they end up deep in a romance. And the sex is INTEGRAL to that. In fact, the sex has to be the reason they fall in love.

    This is what makes “Talk to Me” so good. Unlike some books that call themselves erotic romance and are really just an excuse to put sex scenes in every chapter, Drew and Jamie’s story is quite literally the story of two people falling in love by having sex. A lot of sex. Of course, the fact that Drew is an ex-hockey player helps. But what really makes the book good, for me, is that she really gets what makes erotic romance good.

    I’m compiling a list of erotic romance authors that really get the concept of the genre, and based on this book, I think Cassandra Carr will be on that list.

    ~ Camryn Rhys, Staff Reviewer

    by Cassandra Carr
    Publisher: Loose Id
    Release: March 22

    Buy here.


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