Review: Tangled Hearts by Cherri Miller

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Denise Alicea

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If you’re looking for some steamy erotic romance, there is intrigue and plenty of passion with it’s characters to keep you busy. When Mandy’s Ian falls in love with another woman, what’s a girl to do? Win him back of course! Mandy must put all her womanly skills and resources against her American adversary.This is a story that all romance readers will enjoy not just because of the story line or the dialogue. but the characters as well. I’m sure some of us women can relate in one form or another. Miller takes about how our hearts get tangled in the romance, but she will really tangle yours as you read this. It’s a great read from start to finish.

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Tangled Hearts

Cherri Miller

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Damnation Books


Book Blurb

When Mandy’s beloved Ian falls in love with an American woman touring in London, she sets out on a quest to take Ian all for herself. Between Thetford and London, Ian and her sugar daddy, and all the schemes she’s wrapped around everyone she knows, Mandy must pit all her resources and skills against her unwitting American adversary. 

She’s determined, alluring and able to fulfill any man’s desires—but can she manage to take back Ian? Sometimes love starts with an erotic kiss, but is so much more than carnal pleasure.

Mandy is about to learn the lesson of a lifetime.

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