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Review: The Baggage Handler


If you are looking for laughs with romance then you have to read The Baggage Handler. Browne writes an interesting, yet very funny character in Martin White. Although at times I feel the character is a bit silly, I can see why he leads the existence he does. At times Martin can be a complete moron, you just have to keep rooting for him. Browne as a writer really makes you get into the story, it’s very well written and will have you laughing. I’m very glad that I got to read the book because I haven’t read any romantic comedies, mainly just characters who happen to be humorous. So if you really want to change up your reading for the summer a bit, then you’ll enjoy this read from Colin Brown. 

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The Baggage Handler

Colin Browne


Book Blurb

Martin White, editor of The Shallow Review of Books, likes his life as he likes his work: shallow. Living in purposeful near-isolation in the middle of a crowded city, he keeps his relationships superficial and his life uncomplicated. His deliberate avoidance of social potholes prompts his colleagues to turn to him for assistance handling their own life and relationship baggage, which only strengthens his resolve never to allow any of it into his life. He’s pretty happy, albeit hollow and empty.

But then Kasia turns up. Young, Polish, focused on minding her own business, she neither invites, nor encourages Martin’s flailing attempts at romance, but he can’t help himself. For reasons that defy logic for an isolationist such as he, he falls for her, hard. Years of handling baggage have done nothing to equip him to handle his own however as he realizes with excruciating displays of ineptitude, again and again. He’s way out of his depth …

Faced with a challenge by Rich, his more socially adept colleague, to ask Kasia out within a week or Rich will, Martin has no option but to open the doors to all the complexity of modern life and relationships as he re-emerges from the shadows.

A twisted romantic comedy, written from the male perspective, The Baggage Handler is an acknowledgement that if you’re going to be serious about it, this love stuff is hard.


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