Home Review Review: The Barrett Solution by Robert O Norrris

Review: The Barrett Solution by Robert O Norrris


I enjoyed this book, along the lines of crime solving/murder mystery. A little predictable in parts but the story is written as such that you want to find out what happens.














The Barrett Solution

Robert O Norrris

Genre: Mystery


Book Blurb:

During the investigation of a murder in rural Texas, Lieutenant Mark Owens uncovers the highly guarded secrets of a CIA black operation. The trail leads to the Oval Office. With a presidential election looming the White House will resort to extreme measures to cover up their illegal activities. Owens knows his life and that of the woman he loves may be in danger, but he is determined to bring the killer to justice. But how? Only the White House can provide a solution to Owens’ treacherous dilemma.


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