Review: The Human Project by Arnaud Saint-Paul

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Denise Alicea

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A book filled with creativity and humor. Saint-Paul opens up a door where everything is possible. It’s a beautiful book that explores what we can do with the right set of thoughts, how to ascend to the highest of planes. I really enjoyed this book, it opens your mind and your soul to looking at life in a new direction. Those seeking some help in the inner self should really look into this book, it leaves you feeling calm and renewed. I’m glad that I got to read it. It’s not a long book so it makes for a pleasant journey away from all your troubles and into self discovery.

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The Human Project

Blurb: The adventures of a spiritual being becoming human through the different levels of creation.
You thought being an angel is easy! Think again!

In this unique story, you shall discover a new perspective of the world as we live it, and you will fall in love, again, with your own self.

Arnaud Saint-Paul
Publish date: February 2011
Genre: Inspirational Spiritual Novel, Self-Help
Pages: 32
ISBN: None
Languages available: English, Spanish
Book Types available: E-book
E-book formats available: PDF, Kindle, Nook, Sony, iPad/iPhone, Kobo
Sold online at:,,,, iBookStore, …
Sample: Available on

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