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Review: The Strength to Submit by Holden Granger


Granger gives us a contemporary erotic romance that will please those who love the genre. The story follows that Caitlyn who is a professional at her job, but has never had the fun outside of it. That is going to change for her when she meets Cade at a business conference. Sparks will fly between the two and possibly more. Will Caitlyn learn how to submit to Cade, will she change her life after this experience? You will have to find out and read Granger’s work. I loved the conversations between Caitlyn and Cade, they play off each other. I love the way that Granger takes a topic like letting yourself play from time to time and turning into an interesting story.












Title: The Strength to Submit

Author: Holden Granger

Publisher: Breathless Press

Genre: Contemporary Erotica

ISBN: 978-1-926930-73-2

Price: $1.99



Caitlyn is a professional on her way to the top, confident in every part of her life but one. She has accepted a life without passion as the price of success. When she meets Cade at a business conference,the attraction between them brings a new challenge to her carefully ordered life. Sparks fly, and Caitlyn gains a new outlook on life, lust, and love.

Content Warning:  This title is erotica and does not have an HEA ending.  It contains elements of BDSM, graphic sexual language and interaction.



She arrived at the morning session and scanned the room, surprising herself when she felt a twinge of disappointment that Cade was nowhere to be seen. She was early enough to get a seat in the back row, grabbing a glass of orange juice and skipping the offered muffins as she went. She noticed a black leather portfolio on the seat next to hers. The hotel had gone all-out for this conference: each table was wrapped across the front and top with white cloth, giving her a chance to ease off her heels and stretch her toes on the carpet. She studied the day’s agenda in front of her while the speaker began to settle the crowd.


“It must be destiny!” a voice said from beside her.


Cade was sliding into the seat next to her. The notebook was his. Caitlyn felt her face flush slightly. She moved to get up but found her feet clumsy as she tried to get her shoes on again.


“I don’t think so…” she started.


“Oh, relax. I’m not going to bother you,” Cade said with a chuckle. “Besides, we’re starting.”


With that, the graying and pudgy speaker began his presentation on the estimated impact of the economic environment on government defense purchasing. Five seconds in and already she was bored. She heard Cade scratching on his notebook. A moment later, he stopped and tapped his pen on it.


Caitlyn sat staring straight ahead. Again the tapping came from beside her; it sounded impatient this time. She glanced over. Cade looked at her and inclined his head to the page in front of him.


Have you thought about what I said last night? he had written.


This might relieve the boredom. She took out her own pen and wrote on the agenda in front of her. A little, she wrote.


Are you scared? he asked on the page.


Caitlyn suppressed a snort. Nothing you can do would scare me, she added to the running dialogue, tapping the page for emphasis.


Really? Perhaps a challenge, then?


She looked at him; his smile was mocking her. She paused and he wrote again.


Sure you’re not scared?


What the hell? Okay, let’s see what you’ve got.


Good, we’ll talk at lunch.


For the rest of the morning meeting her thoughts raced. She wondered what she’d gotten herself into and decided to bail and changed her mind a dozen times. She couldn’t deny the tingle between her legs. It was all harmless fun, she finally decided; besides, she could turn the tables and have him in the palm of her hand. It was a challenge she found she couldn’t resist.


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