Review: The Unsaid Book One: The Unsaid Trilogy by Sally Royer-Derr

Title: The Unsaid Book One: The Unsaid Trilogy
Author: Sally Royer-Derr
Author Website: Sally Royer-Derr
Genre: Mainstream Romance: Contemporary, Mystery/Suspense
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Price: $2.99
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What I liked: I’ve only known his a few days, but I feel like he knows everything about me.

Entering into a new relationship is exciting especially during the first few ‘getting to know you’ encounters. You swear that you have finally met not only the man of your dreams but your true soul mate; the person you were destined to be with. The powerful connection between you both is undeniable and you feel perfectly safe in baring your entire self.

But is it ever entirely safe to reveal all of the events from your past? Could revealing the one deep secret held so close to your heart threaten more than just this new relationship?

In The Unsaid, the first book and sizzling jumping point for The Unsaid Trilogy, Amy Hunter is the heroine we can relate to. A strong and courageous woman, Amy is starting over in her new career and new life. Believing that she is finally free from her secretive past, Amy is ready for change and will not let anything stand in her way. Until the past, with all its vengeance, is back to remind Amy that she can never truly be free

Author Sally Royer-Derr carefully interweaves Amy’s past with the present in this lively-paced suspense thriller. Amy has just met the handsome hero Danny Lopez and is falling madly for his warmth and how he makes Amy feel safe and secure. In an ironic twist of fate, it is because of her past that Amy comes into contact with Danny. Her past is responsible for this fated meeting but at the same time threatens to expose Amy’s painful secret. Not only does she face losing Danny, Amy faces losing her own self.

Royer-Derr’s Unsaid provides a glimmer of hope in the midst of the most terrifying fear known; those events that could happen to any one of us. This read grabs us from page one, sets the stage for compelling reading, and creates enthusiastic eagerness for the second instalment!

Book blurb: Trying to escape the horrors of her past, Amy Hunter encounters her future. Will she find love with handsome police detective Danny Lopez? Or will Alex, the calculating killer from her past, end her life because of the secret left unsaid for so many years?

Excerpt: The cold steel of the handgun cut into her shaking hand even though she gripped it with an unlikely confidence. A feeling of satisfaction washed over her as she watched him lay motionless on the cold, unforgiving ground. He’d finally received what he deserved. Her body shook, and the gun dropped from her hands, its weight hitting the ground, startling her more than the piercing gunshot. She thought she saw his arm move; her tortured mind raced with possibilities. Crimson blood seeped through his striped Brooks Brothers dress shirt. At the sight of his blood oozing onto the dry earth, a high-pitched, animalistic scream escaped her; the sound ricocheted off the tall trees and gravelly dirt surrounding her. The cry originated from her soul, urging her to disappear into the dark woods that may provide her with sanctuary.

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