Review: To Stand with Angels by Caitlynn J. Gabriel


To Stand with Angels
by Caitlynn J. Gabriel

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Eternal Press
Cost: $7.95

What I Liked:
When I saw that the book was set in Wyoming, I thought… hmm, this should be interesting. Come to find out, the author is also from Southwest Montana (like me!), so setting a story in Wyoming makes lots of sense. We’re right there. 🙂 But that automatically made me interested in the story.

Then I realized that this paranormal is about angels and demons and a struggle for good and evil. Hooked. With a capital “H”. For an old Carnivale fan, it has been entirely too long since I’ve seen and/or read anything like this. (I was also a little peeved that they canceled Carnivale just when we were getting to the good stuff… but this book helped to calm that frustration.) I loved the plot of this book, I thought it was well-developed and interesting. The characters were memorable (especially the hero… seriously… the guy is just fantastic). Very worth the time to read it. If you liked Carnivale, or if you like paranormals with theological significance, I would consider picking up this book. It was very good.

Book Blurb:
For seven years she’s fought her demons, but now a stranger has arrived and the real battle is about to begin…

In the wild Wyoming Territory, controlled by an evil cattle baron and his outlaw’s guns, one woman is hiding from her horrific crime and one man is seeking revenge. But when a deadly stranger comes to town, Evil takes on a terrifying new face. Now hiding is no longer an option and a revolver cannot kill the supernatural presence that is waiting in the dark city to claim the souls of those foolish enough to stand against it….

Read an excerpt here


  1. Wow! Thank you for taking the time to read (and enjoy) my novel, Rebecca! What a great review!



  2. Hey, thanks for sending it to us to review. I really enjoyed it!! Looking forward to reading more of your work.


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