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Review: To Touch the Knight by Lindsay Townsend

Must Read

Denise Alicea

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With a cast of strong characters, Townsend will blow you away with To Touch the Knight. Townsend’s historical romance is down right delicious read because it not only encompasses romance, it tells us what 1391 during the plague was like and how there was those who sought to exploit others during the time. Knight Sir Ranulf of Frendenwyke doesn’t like what’s happening around him, but there is little he can do. It’s all about how both Edith and Ranulf interact with each other and if Edith will feel safe telling him her true story about being a princess, after all her people come first before anything else. The passion and interaction is electric between the two, those who love historical, medieval romance are sure to like this wonderful story during a time that was not as beautiful.








To Touch the Knight

Lindsay Townsend

Genre: Historical/Medieval Romance


Book Blurb:

At the knights’ tourneys across the land, Edith is a strange, foreign princess. But in the privacy of her tent with the other survivors of her village, she is simply a smith’s widow with a silver tongue. If discovered, the punishment is death. And one knight – fierce, arrogant,and perilously appealing – is getting far too close. Sir Ranulf of Fredenwyke cares little for tourneys: playing for ladies’ favours, when his own lady is dead; feasting, while commoners starve; ‘friendly’ combat, when he has seen real war. Still, one lady captivates him – mysterious in her veils and silks, intoxicating with her exotic scents and bold glances. Something about her is simply irresistible.

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