Review: Uprooted by Jasmine Aherne


by Jasmine Aherne

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Price: $4.95

What I liked
The hero in this book was absolutely yummy. He’s not only H-O-T in the very physical sense, but he is smart and open and sexy and so, so, so ready for love. He’s also a caring and eager father. This is a very unusual romance. Don’t head into it expecting sort of the same old romance plot. It’s very different. And very interesting. The heroine was definitely worth-while (I liked her), and I loved her brother. Even Noah’s daughter was cool. But seriously, this hero is just num-a-licious. Hot-hot. Very much a beta-esque hero, which I thought was interesting when I finished and looked back on it. But they have a very well-developed relationship, and it’s very fun.

Book Blurb

Landscape designer Marianne Dawson thinks she’s hit her head pretty hard when she wakes up in hospital to the handsome face of Dr. Noah Campbell. They hit it off, but the emergency ward is too busy to get friendly. Mari’s delighted then, when Noah turns out to be the blind date she agreed to as a favor for a friend.

Noah finds himself falling for Mari’s sharp wit and ready smile, but his life’s complicated enough as it is – he’s just found out he has a twelve-year-old daughter, and he needs serious help becoming a father. With Mari’s help, however, the sulky girl blooms, and they start to form a family.

But Mari’s struggling with her own internal demons, and what will she do when a difficult choice threatens everything she and Noah have built together?


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  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jasmine. Loved the book. Feel free to send others as you write them. šŸ™‚


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