Review: Vampire Blood by Kathryn Meyer Griffith

With a fresh new cover and look, Griffith brings the vamps. Vampire Blood is in the old school fashion story of old cinema vampires. Jenny Lacey and her father are hired to renovate
the old Grand Theater in which a vampire family has moved into. Fixing a theater is not all that the theater needs, Jenny finds out there are more to the new tenants. A bright and intelligent read, you will love the characters. This paranormal romance is told by humans instead of your traditional vampire. It really gives a look into how human really see the vampires especially when they are caught in a vampire war. Griffith writes great books and this is an oldie with some great updates that paranormal romance readers are sure not to miss!

Vampire Blood










Title: Vampire Blood (Author’s Revised Edition) originally
published by Zebra paperbacks in 1991
Publisher: Damnation Books  www.damnationbooks.com
Genre: Romantic Vampire Paranormal
Digital ISBN: 978-1-61572-425-3
Print ISBN: 978-1-61572-426-0
Cover art by: Dawné Dominique
Edited by: April Duncan
Page Count: 228
Word Count: Approx.  87,000 words
Heat Level: 1

Vampire Blood BLURB:
For years the vampire family lived in the shadows, hidden by
the night and people’s disbelief; feeding on animals or
throw away people who would never be missed. But as the
family moves into an old theater, and uses it to cover up
their crimes, the youngest of them are restless and
determined to live as they like. Reckessly. Killing and
feeding when and where they want. Feeding on who they want.
Only the oldest vampires have managed to keep them in check.
But no longer.
Unaware of the night stalking menace, the townspeople of
Summer Haven, Florida, blithely go about their daily lives
until, one by one, they begin to disappear.  Screams are
heard in the night. Fear grows. The lost are never
But Jenny Lacey and her father, who are hired to renovate
the old Grand Theater, can’t escape when they find
themselves caught up in the middle of the vampire’s war.
And, in the end, it’s up to Jenny, her brother, Joey, and
her ex-husband, Jeff, to get rid of the bloodthirsty fiends
that are destroying their town…if they can. ***
Kathryn Meyer Griffith’s Bio:
Kathryn Meyer Griffith has been writing for nearly forty
years and has published 14 novels and 7 short stories since
1984 with Zebra Books, Leisure Books, Avalon Books, The Wild
Rose Press, Damnation Books and Eternal Press in the horror,
romantic paranormal, suspense and murder mystery genres.
Learn more about her at www.myspace.com/kathrynmeyergriffith
or  www.authorsden.com/kathrynmeyergriffith or
www.bebo.com/kathrynmeyergriffith and

http://www.myspace.com/kathrynmeyergriffith (to see all my
book trailers with original music by my singer/songwriter
brother JS Meyer)
http:// www.bebo.com/kathrynmeyerG

Here’s a list of all my published novels and short
Evil Stalks the Night (Leisure Books 1984)
The Heart of the Rose (Leisure Books 1985)
Blood Forge (Leisure Books 1989)
Vampire Blood (Zebra 1991)
The Last Vampire (Zebra 1992)
Witches (Zebra 1993)
The Nameless One (Zebra ss 1993)
The Calling (Zebra 1994)
Scraps of Paper (Avalon Books 2003)
All Things Slip Away (Avalon Books  2006)
Egyptian Heart (2007)
Winter’s Journey (2008)
The Ice Bridge (2008)
Don’t Look Back, Agnes (ss 2008)
In This House (ss 2008)
BEFORE THE END: A Time of Demons (Damnation Books 2010)
The Woman in Crimson (Eternal Press 2010)

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