Review: Voices on the the Waves


Title: Voices on the Waves

Jessica Chambers

Genre: women’s fiction

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When Faye Wakefield runs a competition offering nine lucky winners a two-week holiday at her beautiful farmhouse retreat in Cornwall, she promises an experience they will never forget. However, even Faye could not have imagined how bringing these people together would change their lives forever.

Just as she hoped, the competition yields a diverse mixture of characters: a shy young woman with troubled eyes, a womanizing business tycoon, an interior designer ruled by her need for independence, a retired nurse, and an Irishman with an affiliation for the whisky bottle. Yet, as sparks begin to fly and the guests share their long-suppressed secrets, only Faye knows of her ulterior motive for inviting them all under her roof.

What I liked: This will be a book you will not want to put down! I found myself wanting to know more about each character as they came out. One of the best books I have read so far, Chambers will not disillusion you at all. Be ready for this one because there is so much love to be found in this book, but there is a bit of suspense and of course some thrill. Chambers characterization and dialogue are all on point in this one. I’d have to say after reading this I have to say my two favorite characters are Leah and Faye. Faye for starting this whole contest and the emotions she awakens in other characters. Leah as well because she is such a rich character, so alive, yet stuck in a past where she thinks she can’t escape from. Read the except and pick this book up, you’ll fall in love all with it.


Finally, the knots of tension loosened their grip on her muscles and Leah rested her head on Will’s chest. With his arm around her and his heart thumping against her cheek, she felt safe—safer, in fact, than she could recall feeling in years.

They stayed like that for a long time. Then, as though emerging from a dream, Leah’s senses reassembled themselves. Suddenly, she became aware of Will’s proximity and the emotions stirring within her. What on earth was she playing at? Had she lost her mind? Wrenching herself free of him, she rolled to the far side of the bed and stood.

“Leah, where…”

“You can go now,” Leah said, barely recognizing the cold voice as her own.

Confusion creased Will’s forehead. “But, Leah, I don’t…”

“Thanks for the lunch,” she went on as though addressing a stranger, “and for listening to me, but I’m fine now.”

“At least tell me what I’ve done to upset you.”

“You haven’t done anything. I just want to be alone.”

“Okay.” Will got to his feet. “If you’re sure there’s nothing I can do…”

“For God’s sake, Will,” Leah snarled, “can’t you tell when you’re not wanted? Just stop pestering me and go away.”

There was a horrible silence. Sickened with herself, Leah turned her back on him so that she wouldn’t have to see the hurt in his eyes. At last, she heard the clatter of crockery and his slow tread moving towards the door.

“I’ll get out of your hair then,” he said, his tone flat. “Sorry if you think I’ve been hassling you. I never meant to.”

Once he had gone, Leah collapsed sobbing on the bed. How could she have behaved like such a cow? Will had been so kind and understanding, and what had she done? She’d chucked it back in his face. She had shown Will how hateful she really was, and now he would want nothing more to do with her. Worst of all, she knew it served her right

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