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Review: Witches by Kathryn Meyer Griffith


What can I say about Griffith’s Witches? It’s a great read with lovable characters that you will be rooting for. It’s also shows the author herself paid great attention to detail and did her homework on witchcraft. Griffith’s Witches brings out a great story about good versus evil with a dash of romance, but also with a love of family mixed in. Although there are some evildoers in this book, Griffith’s does not describe them in gory detail. If you love a great tale with good old fashioned good versus evil, lovable characters and great amazing dialogue then look no further. I can see myself reading this book over and over again. Be sure to look out for sequel!




Kathryn Meyer Griffith


Genre: Paranormal

Publisher: Damnation Books

Book Blurb:

There are witches in the world…some are good and some of them are downright evil.

Amanda Givens is careful how she uses her powers. She doesn’t want the people of Canaan, Connecticut, to know they have a witch among them…even a good, white witch. For years, she’s lived quietly in a remote cabin in the woods with Amadeus, her feline familiar.

When she’s wrongly blamed for a rash of ritualistic murders committed by a satanic cult, she knows she can’t hide any longer. She’s the one the cult’s after. More than that, she’s the only one who can stop them and prove her innocence. In doing this, she’s drawn back in time by the ghost of the malevolent witch, Rachel Coxe, who was drowned for practicing black magic in the 17th century. Now, as Amanda tries to rehabilitate Rachel’s reputation in an effort to save lives, as well as her own, she has to rely on a sister’s love and magical knowledge, and a powerful sect of witches called the Guardians, to help her get home safely.



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