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Devil’s Honor

Series: House Phoenix: Book Two

Author: SW Vaughn


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Length: Novel

Digital Publication Date: May 3, 2010

What I liked: Vaughn certainly knows how to write Urban fantasy. Although the second book in the series, I understood the plot, characters, and dialogue. Shiro is the main character and a torn one at that, accidentally killing an opponent in the ring, he has to face the challenges ahead of him. The only problem he has is trusting those in his past because nothing is as it seems anymore. The book is quite the page turner and after reading it I want to go read the others in the series. Will Shiro succeed at his task, protect loved ones, or will he bound to commit ritual suicide? You’ll have to hit that buy link to find out!

Book Blurb: One man. Two worlds. No options.

Shiro Kuroda is a man torn between two worlds – born and raised in traditional Japan, he’s now a fighter and assassin embroiled in New York’s underground street fighting scene. After he accidentally kills an opponent in the ring, breaking the one rule of the organization, his employer’s retribution is swift: he must assassinate a deadly rival to the Harada clan, or take his own life in shame if he fails.

However, the people he has trusted over the years are not who they seem to be. A secret from Shiro’s past assures that no matter what the outcome of his mission, he will lose – whether he must commit ritual suicide, or watch those closest to him die.





A Reaper’s Tale

Author: Adam Slade

Price: $3.50


Genre: Horror/Comedy

Digital ISBN: 978-1-61650-152-5

Length: Novel

Digital Publication Date: May 17, 2010
What I liked: It’s a horror and a comedy, something scary that makes you laugh as well. What a combination in a story. Slade surely brings it all to this novel. I love the tag line: Even Grim Reapers have bad days on the job. Mal, happy with the life he has until he meets Amy. Will he try to save her against those who want to take her or will he share her fate? I loved the story from start to finish, the funny quips and dialogue were so much fun to read. I never knew mixing horror and comedy were going to be so much fun. I would have to say to pick up this book and read it, it’s like opening up a surprise.

Book Blurb:

Even Grim Reapers have bad days on the job.

Mal has managed to stay out of the afterlife for 31 years, despite having been dead for the last three. He’s a Grim Reaper, and while he may not be the most enthusiastic, he enjoys his “life” too much to give it up to death. But he’s got a problem. A troubled young woman’s soul becomes bonded to his, and a vicious demon is hired to retrieve it.

If Mal can’t get her soul free in a hurry, he’s doomed to share her destination, whether it be heaven or hell.



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