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“She Wore Emerald Then” by Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball

“She Wore Emerald Then”
A chapbook for Mothers Day in Carolyn Howard-Johnson and Magdalena Ball’s multi-award-winning Celebration Series
Signature art from Carolyn Wilhelm,
Cover art by May Lattanzio

Available on Amazon as ebook or paperback:
Self-Published in the age-old tradition of poets since before the Gutenberg Press

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Denise Alicea
the authorDenise Alicea
This blog was created by Denise in September 2008 to blog about writing, book reviews, and technology. Slowly, but surely this blog expanded to what it has become now, a central for book reviews of all kinds interviews, contests, and of course promotional venue for authors, etc

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  • Alicia, thank you for this lovely blog post and for all you do for writers. Many hugs to you. I love this badge done by a friend of mine. Check out her free teaching aids at Pinterest. @wiseowlfactory Carolyn Wilhelm.
    Very best,
    Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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