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The SNEAK PEEK Reader-Judged Contest for Romance is now open.



The SNEAK PEEK Reader-Judged Contest for Romance is now open.

Created to mimic the online buying experience, the Sneak Peek contest is a READER JUDGED contest for published works where reader judges will get a sneak peek at your book and rate it against other books in your genre based on enjoyment, packaging, and length of engagement. Prizes include being named the “MUST READ” in your genre for this year’s contest, which will include both a web graphic and chance at the grand prize. You’ll also receive the feedback sheets from the readers with any comments they’ve made about your book, and how far they read into your book.

The GRAND PRIZE is a $250 gift certificate to Hot Damn Designs.

If your published work is any subgenre of romance and has never won the Sneak Peek contest before, it is eligible to be entered. It must also be available, upon the closing date of the contest, for sale in its entered state, at an e-retail outlet.
All entries are electronic. Books may be available in print, but must also be available digitally.

Celtic Hearts Members: $10 per entry
OR 3 entries for $25
General Authors: $15 per entry
OR 3 entries for $40
You may enter the same book in multiple categories if it fits there (i.e. contemporary and YA or historical and paranormal and YA),
but you must pay a separate entry fee for each time you enter it.

Entries should be submitted to:
sneakpeekcontest @ gmail . com

(1) A cover page or email with your name, book title, genre and sub genre(s), heat and length designators, address, phone number, and email address.
(2) A receipt for your payment for each book you’ve entered (you can make one payment for all books)
that has been submitted via PayPal to treasurer @ celtichearts . org
(If you prefer not to send the receipt, all we need is the transaction number to verify payment.)
(3) A PDF and ePub of your entered book.*

*In regards to digital copies of entered books. We will send a PDF or ePub to each judge and then destroy the copy you provided us. No further distribution of your book will take place, and judges will be required to sign a statement saying they will not lend or copy your book once it is in their possession. You may also send .mobi if available.

Because part of the benefit of judging this contest is that the readers get to keep the books they judge, we would request that these be viable copies of your published work, either that you have purchased yourself, or (in the case of contracted authors) that you are contractually allowed to reproduce (i.e. authorized author copies). No ARCs will be accepted. Only final versions of digital published works will be accepted. If you are asked to provide a Kindle copy for the judge’s convenience, you will be contacted, but our preference has been stated to our judges that we will be providing them with PDF, mobi, or ePub copies of published works.

+ It is our hope to have categories be as specific as possible. When you send your entry, please include as many genres as your book could be considered. Our attempt to be as specific as possible with genre is in relationship to the online buying experience, where an e-retailer can place you in a very specific genre in order to appeal to very specific readers who are looking for your book. This is our hope.

The contest opens September 1st.

At least the four following general entry categories will be available. Because it is our preference to have as many subgenres as possible, please be specific when describing your book’s designators, because these will not be the categories in which you are judged. Your subgenre will be your judging category. Please also include heat and length indicators like BDSM, M/M, F/F, Menage, Erotic, Sweet, Inspirational, Traditional, Series, Novella, Novel, Short Story/Anthology when sending in your entries.

*Contemporary (including subgenres of Single Title, Series Length, Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Western, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Inspirational etc.)

*Paranormal (including subgenres of magic, futuristic, fantasy, science fiction, vampires, fae, shifters, genies, gypsies, ghosts, ghost pirates, ghost pirate vampires, etc.)

*Historical (including subgenres of WWII and previous, Civil War, historical Westerns, inspirational historical, ancient, medieval, Renaissance, Edwardian, Regency, Victorian, European, British, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish, Pictish, Time Travel, etc.)

*YA (including subgenres of Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and all subcategories of YA romance)

The only ABSOLUTE REQUIREMENT is that the book be a categorizable romance. That means there’s a hero/heroine and a hero/heroine (and potentially another hero/heroine or two, etc.) who have a love story experience that ends with a happily ever after (or, in the case of erotic romance, happily for now). All subgenres of romance welcomed, accepted, and subsequently judged.

By submitting an entry to this contest, you are certifying that the entry is your original published work. Any entry that does not meet the requirements of this contest may be refused. Entries fees may be refunded in some cases. Entries found not to be romance will not be refunded. All digital copies (minus those in the property of the reader judges) of the authors’ books will be destroyed after being sent to the judges, which is why it is imperative that you include your title(s) in your entry email, for reference. Any entrant found to have plagiarized the work of another will not have their entry refunded, will be stripped of all titles and awards, and could be held liable for remunerating the chapter if they received the grand prize. By submitting an entry to this contest, you are giving Celtic Hearts permission to use your name and book title / cover in any celebratory PR following the contest, including but not limited to, the Celtic Hearts Website, the Romance Writer Report, the RT Book Reviews, the CHRW Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts.

The top three finalists will be named in each genre/category.

FIRST PLACE entries will receive a custom web banner and certificate and the title of MUST READ of their specific genre for 2013’s contest.

SECOND PLACE entries will receive “Finalist” status and be eligible for next year’s contest.

THIRD PLACE entries will receive “Finalist” status and be eligible for next year’s contest.

The GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to Hot Damn Designs,
who makes Celtic Hearts’ Kilted Muses each year and provides multiple design services.
They will also receive a custom web banner and the title of MUST READ ROMANCE of 2013.

For questions please contact the contest chair at: sneakpeekcontest @ gmail . com
CONTEST CLOSES on OCTOBER 1, 2013 at Midnight PST. No late entries will be accepted.

Following the closing of the contest and determining of the winners, each category will have announced finalists. The top MUST READ from each genre will be sent to a panel of ten readers, librarians, and booksellers. These judges will determine the Grand Prize winner, and the book deemed the MUST READ ROMANCE of 2013.


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