How Social Networks will change our lives by Margaret Jules

How Social Networks will change our lives

Since past few years, social communication has transformed in a rapid manner. The fact is that with social media platforms people are able to reach out to anyone and everyone in this world, which was not possible earlier and that too in a small amount of time duration. Now you see two strangers talking on different issues and turning good friends who share common hobbies and interest regardless to the fact that they are based in two different continents. In the recent years, social media seems to have dominated over the lives of people all across the world. It has triggered the global conversation with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, MySpace, etc. in no time. In other words, the lives of people have changed a lot and more number of changes you are going to witness in the coming future with social media with its presence in millions of people all across the world. Let’s check out how social networks will change the lives of people.

Replace the mass media to form a social media tribe

If you are keen to see how social media will change the lives of people in the coming future, you need to glance a little over the past. Human being is very much social in nature and you have seen people relying over the mass media since all these decades and years. As the time passed, you could now see people depending less over the mass media and more over their peers, now you could see people turning to one another. Just look at your Facebook friend or people whom you follow over Twitter. By being social, you actually have surrounded with so many like minded people, which you choose to have a symbolic relationship with. A majority of these people whom you follow over Twitter or any other social media site tend to make you learn something or the other by simply relying over their content, which they publish.

Accessing relevant connections and content

With social media transforming the lives of people, its future would be more refined in terms of relevant connections, communication and content. The factor of relevancy would appear more strong and important in the coming years and would certainly put an end to a lot of noise you hear over these platforms. As you see the consumers being bombarded a lot with status updates, tweets, mobile marketing messages and similar other things, it is significant for such communications to be more relevant, personalized and timely in the coming years. This would include both for the business and personal spheres of life. Hence you could see even the smaller groups turning out to be a bigger one behaving like an organized brand in the coming future and thus catering all the needs and requirements of the consumers or the crowd sourcing purposes. Thus the businesses are more likely to impact the lives of people using the social platforms more emphatically.

Online social media will replace social lives

You see people still meeting their friends and family over different social venues including parties and clubs, however, the impact of social media in the lives of people would certainly find this in the coming future. It is easier to share over these sites and find out people of similar interests and taste using groups over Facebook or by following different people over Twitter. Even though if your interest confines in some obscure domain, you could certainly end up finding a group over places like Facebook or Google Plus and a proper search over Twitter could find people having similar interests.

Now you could see the communications carried out over the social media platforms are being extended over the social lives. However, soon with more growth in social media participations the face to face meetings would be replaced by online events and interactions. People would start living their social life over the online social media platforms with seldom meeting for few minutes in person. As per the studies, the past one year has simply increased the social media activities by 41.6 percent and this trend would keep on multiplying in the coming years as well. In other words, your social lives would be taken over completely with the online social media world.

You enjoy the power to reach anyone

With social media you have the power to reach anyone, which happens via different tools including email, vote and even blog post. Changing the minds of people and witnessing the growth in consciousness could be called as one of the key things of information mavens. People over social media seem to have conversations in unparalleled fashions to unparalleled options to access people and the forces, which can expedite to bring out these changes. So, when you are able to connect with anyone, you are bound to bring the changes with viral effect in this world.

Final word

The social media world is truly changing the lives of people all across the world in an incredible manner. The changes you see still seem to be at the nascent stage, however, in the coming future, all the aspects of human life would be governed by this world. Let’s wait and watch how things would change in the coming year with the social media era.

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