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Why Being A Successful Writer Demands More Than Just Writing A Book


Why Being A Successful Writer Demands More Than Just Writing A Book

It’s the dream of a lot of talented, creative people. To be able to make a real living of their creative writing. To live off being an author. It’s a fantastic dream and far from impossible. But it’s not easy. Besides luck, hard work and a lot of time, it takes more. It takes more than just being a writer. It takes being able to find solutions to problems you might not have imagined. Solutions like the following.


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Get used to finding ways around ‘no’

If you’re a writer and you’re talking to publishers, you’re going to get rejected. In fact, you better get used to it. Even the best of the best will be told their idea has no legs, their writing is terrible and their characters flat. So be prepared to strong-arm some opinions into changing. Be prepared to change minds and go the extra mile in presenting your idea again. You can go the way of Karen Salmansohn for instance. Karen not only presented her idea. When her idea was rejected, she created her own ‘prototype’ with collaboration from designers. A prototype that launched her from zero books sold to more than a million.


Self-publishing can be the way forward

You might not be successful with publishers no matter what you try. However, nowadays, self-publishing is available in a wide variety of formats. Nowadays, you might not even have to pay the capital you once needed to print out your books. Ebooks and online marketplaces like Amazon make it possible to find an audience entirely online. You can even take marketing the book into your own hands. For one example is Christopher Paolini, author of the popular Eragon fantasy series. Paolini took his own book on tour through 135 schools and libraries. All in a medieval costume. All to build a series that went on to sell millions of copies and cement his career as a storyteller. Self-publishing has risks, of course but so does every other method.



Both examples named have one other thing in common, too. They know how to self-promote. Nowadays, the sad fact is that a book isn’t always enough to sell people. You have to be able to brand yourself, as well. The internet, nowadays, is mostly created by influencers who link to one thing or another. Creating a buzz when they find something that hooks them. You need to be able to put yourself in that spotlight by learning how to brand both yourself and your work. You need to have the marketing machine going long before any publisher or reader picks up your work. You need to fight for relevancy in the modern consciousness. With perseverance, luck and a damn good book, you should be successful.


So often, being successful as a writer means carving out your place in the literary world. Whether it’s going the extra mile to get noticed or picked up. Taking your book into your own hands and dealing with the risk. Even becoming your own hype man/woman. Be prepared to do more than just write if you want to be a writer.



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