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Book Blitz: Seductive Santino

Savage's Buck & Doe #4 Adult Romance Date Published: January 30st, 2020 Words like love and hate invoke strong feelings that can change a person, but the word revenge can make a seemingly normal person pure evil. Santino Savage understands...

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Book Blitz: Addictive Alessandro

Savage's Buck & Doe #3 Adult Romance Date Published: August 1st, 2019 Alessandro Savage walked through the same maze of streets in the French Quarter that he had walked for the last few months. He carried two things: his guitar...

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Book Blitz: Lascivious Luca

Savage's Buck & Doe #2 Adult Romance Date Published: March 3rd, 2019 There is a turning point in everyone’s life. Luca Savage knew his was the day his dad and brother were gunned down. Nobody could live in North America...

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Book Blitz: Savory Sabastian

Savages Buck & Doe #1 Adult Romance Date Published: October 27, 2018 The music festival turned from a night of singing, laughter, and fun into a nightmare when a monster took the lives of fifty-eight innocent people in the form...

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Self’s Blossom

Self's Blossom by David Russell Genre: Adult Romance A romantic, erotic tale of a vivid portrayal of the quest for the inner truth, empowerment and sexual liberation of Selene, a woman searching for primeval abandon and reckless adventure. Intelligent, a...

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