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Book Blitz: Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles

  Children's Book Date Published: May 3, 2022 Publisher: Mascot Kids     Out of a world where crankiness reigns and cars run on sauerkraut comes a new invention: the SnoodleMobile, the brainchild of Herbie Snoodleman. Now cars are powered...

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Tales from Cloud Canyon  by Dr. Rachel Kowert PhD ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GENRE:   Children's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BLURB: THE STORIES Tales from Cloud Canyon is a series of character driven, topical short stories celebrating the everyday child, doing everyday things, with their everyday...

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Week Blitz: Look, Look, Look!

    Children’s Picture Book on play and imagination       Date Published: May 2, 2022 paperback, eBook May 28, 2022       When your child says, “Look, look, look”, what do you see? What do you say?...

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Book Blitz: Sushi’s Journey

    Children's Book       Date Published: January 23, 2022     Follow little Sushi on her courageous journey in an attempt to find a forever family. This mischievous baby raccoon is very unique in her own way....

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Book Blitz: Happy Jack, Sad Jack

    A Bullying Story Children's Picture Book/Story in Rhyme Date Published: 04-25-2022 Publisher: 9 Grand Publications     Jack has always been a very happy little boy.   But when he starts kindergarten, he discovers he is different than...

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