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Teaser Tuesday: The Extraordinary World of Cats

Children's Books   Date Published: 03-26-2022 Publisher: Dixi Books The Extraordinary World of Cats is an ode to the magnificent lives enjoyed by wild cats in our fast disappearing forest. The book makes an attempt to introduce some of the...

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Andy Gets Angry  Book One in the 'Emotions and Me' series by Mike J. Masse  Illustrated by Emily Corbett   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   GENRE: Children’s, (picture book) Contemporary    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~   BLURB:   Children can develop the ability to respond to...

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Book Blitz: Maxwell

  Children's Book Date Published: October 5, 2021 Publisher: Mascot Books Maxwell is a unique children's book that celebrates the power of imagination and dreams. It’s a story about transcendence, and the extraordinary blossoming out of the ordinary. It is...

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Book Blitz: The Sweetest Ladybug

Children’s Books   Date Published: November 24, 2021 Publisher: Underline Publishing LLC Imagine if everything happening in your imagination also happens in real life. This is exactly what happens one day in the life of a curious, sweet, and intelligent...

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