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Book Blitz: From Dog to Wolf

  Coming of Age   Date Published: May 5, 2021 Publisher: ‎ MindStir Media How did the first Americans end up last in America? From Dog to Wolf is the story of Daniel Graywolf, an Oglala Lakota teen struggling to...

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Book Blitz: Dream of the White Stallion

    Historical Romantic Fiction, Coming of Age, Romance   Publisher: Page Publishing Kathryn Alexander, writing in her personal journal, describes her coming of age while dealing with childhood bullies and a dying mother. She is a shy teenager living...

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Release Blitz: Chokecherry Girl

    Young Adult, Coming of Age, Multi-Cultural Fiction   Date Published: 2/16/21 Publisher Acorn Publishing It’s 1958. Racial tension and class disparities have everyone on edge in a small Montana town. Despite their differences, three women of the community...

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Book Blitz: Latch Key Kids

  Fiction, Coming of Age, Dark Humor    Date Published: September 2020  Publisher: Paragraph Line Books      Latch Key Kids, the long-awaited follow-up to Small Town Punk, chronicles the enduring impact one life can have on another.   Resilience and...

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Release Blitz: Blood Branded

(The Mix-Blood: Book One) Young Adult, Coming of Age, Fantasy Date Published: October 1, 2019 Publisher: Breezy Pages Publishing FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Defiance is paid in blood. Their time is up. The crimsons are coming, marching on Hammerstone to...

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