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Book Blitz: The Corpsman’s Wife

  Contemporary Women's Fiction Date Published: June 23, 2020 Publisher: ‎Hellgate Press     Getting away from her abusive, soon-to-be-ex-husband, Susi Jury accepts the invitation of her lifelong best friend, Tracy, to attend the Navy Boot Camp graduation of her...

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Book Blitz: Love, Lydie

  Romance, Contemporary Women's Fiction Date Published: October 4, 2022     Anna Kinser meets eight-year-old Emily three days into her job as the event coordinator at a run-down Art Deco theater in Shiloh, Georgia. Emily is bold, remarkably precocious,...

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Book Blitz: Shifting to Freedom

    Literary Fiction, Autofiction, Contemporary Women's Fiction     Published: July 2021 In the literary, auto fiction about contemporary women, Shifting to Freedom, Tess, a medical doctor, to escape from fear, pain, horrendous manic depressive mood swings, and hallucinations,...

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Book Blitz: Dance with Me

    Big Sky Dreamers, Book 3   Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Women's Fiction Release Date: June 29, 2021   A journey of healing, hope and love. SEAN He loves running his family pub and the expansion into brewing is his...

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Book Blitz: Please… Tell Me More

      Contemporary Women’s Fiction   Date Published: November 20, 2020 Publisher: Blue Fortune Enterprises, Lavender Press This heartfelt story about sisters, family and the tenuous connections we forge in life will stay with you long after you turn...

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