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Scottish Gaelic Workshop

June 2012 (4 weeks June 25th thru July 20th) Scottish Gaelic Instructor: Sharron Gunn w/a Sheila Currie Gaelic is a language more closely related to Spanish or French and yet it's not that close to either. It is a Celtic language...


Show and Tell: An Interactive Workshop

June 2012 (4 weeks June 1st thru 29th) Show and Tell: An Interactive Workshop Instructor: Shannon Donnelly "Show, don't Tell" is a cliché that has almost lost its meaning. But both showing and telling are valuable tools for any writer--writers need...


Workshop: Silencing Your Inner Saboteur

Silencing Your Inner Saboteur Registration Deadline: February 08, 2013Class Start Date: 02/04/13Class End Date: 02/28/13Instructor: Sherry PetersFee: $10/HHRW members, $20/others Class Description: This workshop runs from February 4 to 28, 2013. In this workshop, writers will identify the voice of your saboteur, recognize the tricks...

Do you iTunes?

Good morning, readers! My name is Sandy James. I'm so thrilled to be guest blogging on The Pen and Muse today!I often wonder if authors have some exotic strain of attention deficit disorder. The more I talk to writers, the...

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