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The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darling

Review: The Heart of War by Lisa Beth Darlin

By Roane Swindon The gods are real, and yes, they're just as attractive, sensuous, awe-inspiring and sexy as you've imagined. They're living among us, along with other creatures such as the magical earth children the Feys. Ares, the god of...

Review: Mantis: Book One – Mantis Nights by: Joshua Scribner

Title: Mantis: Book One – Mantis NightsAuthor: Joshua ScribnerAuthor Website:Joshua ScribnerGenre: FantasyPublisher: Lyrical Press IncorporatedPrice: $5.50Link to purchase What I liked: “I’m telling you, Mantis, you don’t want to go over there again.”Mantis stared across the street. There were forces...


Review: Eden Fell

Title: Eden FellAuthor: LilyAuthor Site: http://www.lilyauthor.com/Genre: Dark FantasyPublisher: Damnation Books, Sept 1st/09Purchase: http://www.damnationbooks.com/book.php?isbn=9781615720293What I liked: After reading Lily's Eden Fell, it introduced me to a new way of telling of the story of falling from grace. Lily tells an interesting tale...

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