By Roane Swindon Now and Forever, a Love Story is, as its title states, is a love story. We meet Callie, who is haunted by her previous...
Clark’s Night and Chaos teaches us readers about the internal struggles that we face within each other every day. With Night and Chaos’ character Ryan, we travel...
Watcher begins by following through Simon through his day – he works in The Median: the place where the actions of humans are noted and remembered to...
Angelika Devlyn's debut novel and the first in the Dark Kingdom Chronicles series plunges the reader into a world of gods and time travel, with a lingering undercurrent of sexual desire, lust and fulfilment.
When it comes to edge of your seat, thrilling suspense, look no further folks because P.I. Barrington! Thank you to P.I. for the chance to review her...


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