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The Pen Review: Dark Knowledge

Dark KnowedgeBy Keith PyeattGenre: Paranormal/Horror/ThrillerLength: NovelPrice: $5.50Publisher: Lyrical PressDigital Publication Date: October 19, 2009Rating:What I liked: Talk about leading a double life, poor Wesley, a gift is never truly a gift even though you may think it is. With good...

Damnation Books December Books to Come!

Damnation Books is proud to announce our line-up of books for release on December 1st 2009.One of Nine by Bruce Golden-short science fiction storyDemon Legacy by Kelly Brigham-paranormal horror novelJars in the Cellar by Lee Clarke Zumpe-horror short storyDeadly Affair...


The Pen Review: Damnation Books!

I am pleased and proud to announce Damnation Books. A big thank you to Kim Richards Gilchrist for allowing me to review for her new book company. It's been a pleasure working with you. Prepared to be thrilled and scared!If...

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