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Book Blitz: Boulong’s Cheese

  Humor, Comedy, Satire Published: September 30, 2021 Publisher: Black Rose Writing     The introduction of a successful vaccine against Covid has produced the unintended side effect of rendering all gunpowder in the world inert. Every weapon from a...

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Book Blitz: Swipe Write

  A sometimes hilarious, sometimes sad, always brutally honest account of 20 online dates with 20 different men Memoir, Pop Culture, Relationships, Humor, Dating   Date Published: January 2022 "...I was sixteen years old when I became familiar with heartbreak,...

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Book Blitz: Heart of Swine

  Dystopian, Humor   Publisher: Obex Publishing A Ridiculously Realistic, Deadly Serious Comedy - With a Superhero Pig Think you're living in an environmental dystopia? Wait until we start thawing a frozen planet with pig farts. That's where the story...

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Book Blitz: Zither!

  Metafiction/Humor/Mystery   Date Published: April 20th, 2021 Publisher: Zither Studios A nutty religious cult abducts a herd of prime gazebos (huh?) and it’s up to bumbling P.I. Mars Candiotti to rescue them. Mars, aspiring author, chronicles his quest in...

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Book Blitz: Sassy Saguaros

    Humor, Arizona, Plants/Trees, Photography Date Published: August 26, 2020 Publisher: Mindstir Media NO ALTERATIONS! NO DISGUISES! NO PHOTOSHOP! Steve Ryan spent months hiking and biking the beautiful Southwest Sonoran Desert, suffering more flat tires than he can count...

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