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Promo Blitz: F**k You, Your Honor

Literary Fiction, Satire Date Published: June 2017 Publisher: Black Letter Editions F*ck You, Your Honor is a satirical literary novel about a low-end attorney and real estate broker who is ordered by a judge to write a book to save...

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Promo Blitz: American River

American River Trilogy, Book One Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction Publisher: Archway Publishing Published: June 2017 In the mid-1800s, three immigrant families—Irish, Mexican, and Japanese—settled along the banks of the American River in Northern California. A century later only one family...

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Book Blitz: Robert’s Rules

Literary Fiction North of the Tension Line, Book Three Date Published:  May 23, 2018 As the new Chairman of the Town Board, Fiona Campbell finds that life has become a series of petty squabbles, dull meetings, and papers everywhere, all...

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