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Review & Interview : The STORYALITY™ Screenwriting Manual by JT Velikovsky

Storyality, a screenwriting manual  by Velikovsky is a interesting look at what makes films successful. He takes out that rose colored glasses from those looking at the industry magically and exposing the truth. He examines why certain genres do better...


Deadline Jan. 31st – Submit your Book, Short Story, Play, Essay or Script – To the Writing Festival – FULL FEEDBACK on all entries!

TV PILOT or SPEC screenplay contest - Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script.http://www.wildsound.ca/tvscreenplaycontest.htmlFEATURE or SHORT screenplay contest - Get FULL FEEDBACK on your script.http://www.wildsound.ca/screenplaycontest.htmlFIRST SCENE (first 10pgs) SCREENPLAY CONTEST - Submit the first stages of your film and get full...

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