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Teaser Tuesday: Chase

  Bones MC Motorcycle Club Romance, Suspense, Action & Adventure Date Published: 09/30/2022   Cotton: When I avenged my sister’s murder, I knew the consequences. I didn’t expect anything less than prison. I got it. In spades. I survived ten...

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Release Blitz: The Glass Tree

Historical/Suspense ; Suspense/Thriller ; Adult Literary Date Published: 09-01-2022 Publisher: Endicott Street Press     Paris, 1954. Eli Cole, American attaché, wants only one thing: to avenge his wife’s murder. But the trail has gone cold. After two years, drinking...

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Release Blitz: The Island Mother

  Horror / Suspense / Thriller Date Published: July 14, 2022     Leigh Ramos is a woman on the run from her own life. After barely escaping from a toxic relationship with a drug dealer, emotionally codependent Leigh decides...

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Release Blitz: Deadly Deception

  Suspense Date Published: 06-01-2022     A blink of an eye. That’s all it took for her life to change forever. After two years, Marcie Faraday still doesn’t believe the crash that took her family was an accident. She...

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Teaser Tuesday: Harri Unbound

  Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Suspense Date Published:  May 27, 2022  When the ruthless magician Madrin dies, opportunists seek revenge for his cruelty. They kidnap his daughters, meaning to sell them into sexual slavery at a brutal club for sadistic,...

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