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Book Blitz: Leisha’s Song

    Contemporary Coming-of-Age Romantic Mystery, Young Adult     Published: June 2021 Publisher: ‎Fire and Ice Young Adult Books Leisha knows something's wrong. Her beloved vocal coach at boarding school would never have resigned and disappeared like this in...

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Release Blitz: Chokecherry Girl

    Young Adult, Coming of Age, Multi-Cultural Fiction   Date Published: 2/16/21 Publisher Acorn Publishing It’s 1958. Racial tension and class disparities have everyone on edge in a small Montana town. Despite their differences, three women of the community...

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Cover Reveal: The Walls of Orion

  Young Adult, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy   Date Published: April 13, 2021 Publisher: Acorn Publishing Orion City has been on lockdown for ten years. Courtney Spencer, a disillusioned barista doomed to live a “normal” life in a quarantined fishbowl,...

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Book Blitz: The Atlantis Code

    Book 1 of The Atlantis Legacy Series     Teens, Young Adult, and all mature readers   Date Published: November 19, 2020   Publisher: Mindstir Media Trouble is coming…coming by land…coming by sea. Coming for you…and coming for...

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Book Blitz: The Gotten Blitz

      YA Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Young Adult   Published: November 12, 2020 Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group For Fans of Neil Gaiman, Divergent, and Stranger Things... No one knew about the doorbell until the news story of the boys’...

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