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Teaser: Infinite Sea of Stars



Release Date: November 14, 2022

Publisher: Naked Armadillo Press


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For all the times a piece of you was missing, for all the days you
didn’t know where you belonged, for each tiny moment when you
transformed—and still transform.

Infinite Sea of Stars is an ode to love and human resilience. A map of deep
scars and faint laugh lines. Instilling an unwavering sense of hope into
those who decide to dive soul-first into this mystical journey in book

It is a memoir someone else wrote about you. A diary you didn’t know
you kept. The manual you needed but refused to open.

Crafted by decades of introspection and meditation practice, Shannon
Crossman’s poetry is familiar yet enlightening.

Infinite Sea of Stars will pave the reader’s way to self-love,
acceptance, and inner growth, moving through the caverns of discontent and
the soul’s oldest wounds to arrive at the trailhead of a life filled
with deep joy and wonder.

Great for fans of Hafiz, Rumi, Chelan Harkin, and Adyashanti.




Small Birds

Beautiful sister,

rest in the palm of the Beloved.

Nothing, oh nothing,

can push you over the edge of

that Divine cradle.


No tornado of rage,

sea of shame,

mountain of guilt or fear

can pull you from

the Beloved’s gentle caress.

There is no falling.

You are as the small bird

guarded in the nest…

loved and delivered safe

to the day you remember

your own wings.

About the Author

Published in two anthologies, Goddess When She Rules and Hidden Lights, as
well as online at The Urban Howl and Wildheart Writers, Shannon’s work
centers on themes of belonging, resilience, wonder, and the ecstatic.

Nothing excites her more than a blank page or an unexplored path through a
solitary forest. Words and the natural world are and have always been, her
way back home.

In her heart of hearts, she still believes in magic, craves the ocean like
a landlocked mermaid, and dreams of a life without shoes.


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