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(Savage Raptors MC)


Motorcycle Club Romance, Age Gap, Action

Date Published: May 26, 2023


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Solena — At the age of fifteen, my parents forced me to give my baby up
for adoption. I never got to see his little face or hold him. All these
years later, it still hurts — so much that one night I decide to dull the
pain with alcohol and sex. There’s only one man I want, but the
President of the Savage Raptors MC might be more than I can handle.
I’ve had a crush on him for a while now. He says he can only offer one
night. I want more. I want it all.

Atilla — Lost my woman seventeen years ago. Thought I’d lost my
daughter too… until she showed up on my doorstep. Now I have a
pregnant teen living with me, and a woman who wants more than I’m able
to give her. Solena is far too young for me. Hell, she’s barely older
than my daughter. So why is keeping my distance so damn difficult? Is it
really okay to fall in love again?


WARNING: Atilla has a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no
cliffhanger. There are subjects some readers may find difficult to read.
Recommended for readers 18+ due to adult content.





I didn’t know why I was here. This wasn’t my scene. The music
was too loud, the women too wild, and the smoke nearly choked me. So why the
hell hadn’t I turned around and gone home? The man at the end of the
bar was the only reason I hadn’t run for the hills.

I’d seen him around town. In fact, he often came to the café
where his daughter worked. The pregnant teen was working on her GED and
waiting tables. I’d once been in her shoes, so I could sympathize.
Except, I didn’t get to keep my baby. I’d been fifteen when my
boyfriend didn’t take no for an answer. The result had been a little
boy. One I’d never even gotten to hold. My parents had told the doctor
to take him away before I even got a good look, and I had no idea where he
was now.

I’d tried to find out, but I had had no luck. The place my parents
supposedly used for the adoption had never existed. My stomach churned every
time I thought about it. What had happened to my little boy? Was he okay?
Did a loving family get him? Today he was especially on my mind, since it
was his birthday. Which was the second reason I’d come here. I’d
wanted a distraction so I wouldn’t think about him. Obviously, it
wasn’t working.

I took a swallow of the cocktail I’d ordered and tried to get the
courage to speak to the President of the Savage Raptors. He’d always
seemed nice when he’d stopped by to visit Casey. We’d exchanged
a few words here and there. Every time I got close to him, my heart raced,
and I fought the urge to reach out my hand and touch him. Something about
him called to me. I’d never been the type to go for bad boys or rough
men. Atilla looked like both, and yet, I’d seen how gentle he was with
Casey. Perhaps it was that side of him I yearned for.

More than once, I’d gone to sleep hugging my pillow, wondering what
it would be like to have Atilla lying next to me. I didn’t know what I
found so fascinating about him. I knew people would say he was too old for
me. Their opinions didn’t matter. I’d never been so drawn to
someone before, and I found him to be the sexiest man in town. Possibly in
the entire world.

“You going to keep staring at him or go make a move?” someone
asked from beside me. I startled and glanced in the man’s direction.
Spade was on his leather cut, along with Vice President.

“Was I being that obvious?” I asked. Should I wipe my chin? Had
I been drooling over the man? Wouldn’t be the first time. One of my
co-workers once threw a napkin at me after Atilla left the café.
I’d literally been salivating over him like a dog after a bone.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sure you’ve seen him wave off every woman
who approached so far. I have a feeling he won’t turn you away.
You’re different from the other women here. I can’t quite figure
out why you came to a party at the clubhouse. You don’t seem like the
sort to do this kind of thing.”

“I’m not. It’s my first time doing anything like this,
and I’m extremely nervous.”

Spade smiled faintly. “You came for him, didn’t

I nodded. I couldn’t deny it. The alcohol in my system hadn’t
been enough to give me the courage to go up to him. I wasn’t sure
anything could help me. What was I expecting from this, anyway? I
wasn’t the one-night-stand type, and I didn’t think the man had
come here to find a girlfriend. When I’d thought about getting a drink
and possibly getting closer to Atilla, my brain hadn’t gone as far as
the next step.

I yearned to speak with him. Get closer to him. If he kissed me, I might
die from both pleasure and a shock to my system. In all this time, I’d
never desired anyone. With Atilla, I found myself watching him whenever he
was nearby, and wanting nothing more than to cuddle up to him. I
couldn’t help but think if a man like him were part of my life, things
would be different. It wouldn’t change my financial issues, but having
someone to lean on, to give me their support and a little affection would
have meant the world to me. Not just anyone… him. It had to be Atilla
or no one.

Truth be told, I hadn’t slept with anyone since that one time. Then
again, I didn’t consider what my boyfriend had done to me to be
considered sex. He’d raped me. I knew it. He knew it. Everyone else
thought I’d given consent, then changed my mind after the fact and
made a fuss over nothing. Even my parents hadn’t believed me.

“Maybe I should just leave,” I said.

“Or you could follow me.” He snatched up my glass, and I
hurried after him, keeping an eye on the open beverage. I knew nothing about
these men, or what they were capable of. He wouldn’t put something in
it, would he? I chased him down, only to come to a halt next to Atilla.
Spade set my glass on the bar beside Atilla’s beer, then motioned to
the empty stool. “Sit. Talk. But stop staring at him like a

My cheeks warmed, and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me.
Atilla’s lips kicked up on one corner and I saw the amusement in his
eyes. I sat down and took another swallow of my drink. Then drained the
glass. Atilla motioned to the guy behind the bar and before I knew it, I had
a fresh drink sitting in front of me.

“You’re Solena, right?” he asked.

He remembered my name? It pleased me more than it should have. It
wasn’t like he said I was special or anything. Just because he knew
who I was didn’t mean anything. For all I knew, he remembered every
person he ever met.

“Yeah. I work with Casey at the café.” Way to state the
obvious, idiot.

“So, why did you come here?” Atilla asked.

“To see you.” I winced. I hadn’t meant to blurt it out.
It seemed the alcohol was affecting me more than I’d realized.

“That right?” He grinned. “And what were you hoping to
gain from it?”

“I don’t know,” I admitted.

He eyed me up and down. “Well, you’re showing off more than you
usually do, but you’re still overdressed for a place like

I looked around the room and noticed most of the women were naked already.
And the things they were doing… I quickly turned my head. It felt
like my face was on fire, and I knew I could never be like those women. Not
that I condemned them for being so free. It just wasn’t something I
could ever do. I had stretch marks from my pregnancy, and a little extra
around the middle. I’d be too embarrassed to strip naked in front of

“Come on. I’m getting a fucking headache. Grab your
drink.” Atilla stood, picking up his beer.

I picked my cocktail up and followed him toward the back of the building.
He entered a door at the end of the hall and flipped on the lights. It
looked like a boardroom. Well, a rustic version of one. The wood table
looked sturdy. He pulled out one of the leather chairs and motioned for me
to sit.

“Is it okay for me to set my glass down?” I asked.

He snorted. “Not going to hurt anything.”

With the door closed, it was far quieter than it had been in the main room.
The fact we were alone made butterflies riot in my stomach. I didn’t
know why he’d brought me in here. Did he expect something?


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