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Marc Mullinex


The People That Melt in the Rain #2


Graphic novels-YA Fantasy

Date Published: 05-23-2024

Publisher: Abigail Books


Laura has only just come to terms with moving to the strange town of
Deluge, when she is mysteriously transported into a painting that is
displayed in the school library.  Shocked by her sudden relocation she
realizes she’s been brought back home to Seattle, Washington, but it
isn’t the Seattle she left behind. Has she also stepped backwards in


About the Author 

Mike and Carolyn began collaborating artistically at the School Of Visual
Arts in New York City.  They married soon after graduating and began
working together. Their first major project was designing rides on the Turn
of the Century Carousel that was displayed in Grand Central Station in New
York, The LA Auto Show in California, also in Washington DC and New
Orleans.  Their comic book adaptation of the Japanese fable Urishima
Taro, initially created for a fundraiser for the tsunami victims in Japan,
was licensed by FOX in 2013.

Mike is well known for his fantasy art and comics, including art for Star
Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and Aliens VS Predator. Carolyn is a multiple
award winning author and illustrator of numerous children’s books,
working with multiple publishers and authors, and has appeared in Highlights
For Children magazine. Their most ambitious project, the all-ages graphic
novel series The People That Melt In The Rain, is the product of over ten
years of development. 


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