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(Darkling #5)

Dark Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Date Published: April 29, 2022


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Jasper and Ava’s relationship has been nothing but dramatic. From
werewolf hunters to demons and everything in between, a nice, normal wedding
is exactly what’s needed. Their mating will not only affirm their own
relationship, but help to cement the alliances between the wolf packs and
the Venators.

But a rival wolf pack is dead set against Jasper and Ava’s union, and
everything their love stands for. Will the couple make it to their wedding
day, or will deep seated prejudices keep them apart forever?


All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2022 Torri Heat

Mollie peeled out of the lot, turning in the direction of Merrick’s
house, and I knew exactly where she was going. She could say my upcoming
nuptials was her only chance to experience a wedding of her own, but
everyone who knew the two of them knew that was a lie. Mollie had Merrick
wrapped around her little finger, and if Mollie wanted a wedding, she was
going to have a wedding. It was only a matter of time.

I unlocked the door to the — our — apartment, and Betty immediately came
running out to greet me. Having my cat with me once more really made our
house feel like home. She had yet to warm up to Jasper, but we were getting
somewhere, especially with Jasper’s incessant treats he would bring

I tossed my bag on the couch, and gave Betty a quick pet, immediately
taking Mollie’s advice and heading for the shower. Jasper wasn’t
home yet. With me going dress shopping, he had taken the opportunity to head
onto pack lands and see the guys. I doubted they were going suit shopping.
At this moment, they were probably sparring in the field like a bunch of

The shower immediately began to steam up the bathroom, so I opened the door
a crack before I stepped into the hot water. Mollie was right — as usual.
The heat eased the tension in my shoulders, and I stopped overthinking. For
a minute at least. I wasn’t sure I explained my emotions clearly, the
intrusive thoughts churning my stomach as we shopped for dresses and called
caterers. Having the “perfect” wedding felt silly when my family
was filled with supernatural creatures, yes. But little things bothered me
as well. Who would walk me down the aisle? Did I cover my mark so the
reverend marrying us didn’t see, or was he a wolf as well?

And all of this wasn’t even getting into the bigger issues. What had
the demon meant when they called me “storm summoner”? The name
rang in my head, day in and day out. I couldn’t make sense of it. The
taste of the dream still lingered on my tongue, a vision that felt more like
a memory. Watching the dark clouds roll in, as Jasper stood there in awe.
How could the demon know of my dreams? The only person I had ever mentioned
them to was Jasper. So the only conclusion I could draw was that I was
missing something, and the problem with missing something was that it
usually led to danger. I didn’t need any more danger than necessary
with my supposed “perfect” wedding looming on the horizon. Storm

“Penny for your thoughts.”

Startled, I jumped, catching myself on the side of the shower before I
slipped and fell on my ass. One perk of Venator training? My reflexes had
never been better. On the other side of the glass door stood Jasper with a
smirk, arms crossed over his thick chest. “Shit, Jasp, some warning
would be nice!”

He shrugged, rolling his lip between his teeth. “I was enjoying the
view. Also I called your name when I got home, and you didn’t answer.
Obviously too deep into whatever you’re thinking about.”

“Just… everything.” I sighed. My chest tightened.
“How were the guys?”

“Good.” Jasper tugged his T-shirt over his head, leaving me
ogling his cut abs. It had been an unseasonably warm fall, and to be honest
I was surprised he was wearing a shirt at all.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Jasper shoved his sweatpants over his hips with a crooked grin.
“Conserving water. I’m sweaty as anything, and you were kind
enough to start a shower for me. Figured we could solve each other’s
problems with one solution.”


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