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Dark Romance/Mafia Romance

Date Published: April 15, 2022


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I’m the monster in the dark. The Boogeyman. I shouldn’t touch
her. Shouldn’t keep her. But I will.

Raina — A man took me from my home in Tahiti when I was only five. They
called it an adoption, but I know the truth. My parents sold me, pure and
simple. My life has been one nightmare after another, a living hell that I
can’t escape. When my owner gives me as payment to Feliks Sobol, I
think it’s just like any other time. But it’s not. He’s
different. Under the darkness and danger, there’s a tenderness
I’ve never experienced. I want him. I shouldn’t, but I do. He
might be the one who ends up breaking me.

Feliks — I’m the monster in the shadows, the man everyone fears.
I’ve done unspeakable things, and I will do them again without a hint
of remorse. I’m Bratva, born and bred. Hard. Unyielding. Yet when
I’m around Raina, there’s another side of me that emerges. One
that’s weaker. Wanting her could get me killed. Yet I can’t let
her go. Until my brigadier demands I choose. Raina, or the woman I wish to
marry. I decide to hold on to the power I’ll gain by marrying Natalia
Gorev. I didn’t realize it was too late. Raina is already under my
skin, and when she’s taken, I know I’ve made the wrong choice.
I’ll bathe the city in blood if that’s what it takes to get her
back. I only hope she can forgive me.

WARNING: This is a dark romance suitable for those 18+ and contains strong
language, graphic violence, sexual situations, human trafficking, and a dark
undertone that some may find objectionable.


*Trigger Warning – Dark Content*


All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2022 Harley Wylde & Paige Warren

Someone once told me, “As long as you’re hurting, you know
you’re alive.” If so, I was definitely alive. My wrists and
ankles ached from the constant presence of the shackles that bound me. I
preferred that pain over the other, though. I just didn’t understand
why anyone would want to live like this. I’d prefer to die than
continue in this hell.

“There’s my little slut.”

I cringed as I turned to face the man who had adopted me. I liked to think
my family wouldn’t have given me away if they’d known why
he’d paid so much. Maybe it was a fantasy. My parents could have been
just as awful as the man who’d bought me.

“Come here. Now.”

I walked over, knowing my chains would reach as far as the doorway. He
grabbed my chin as I stopped in front of him. I knew better than to look him
in the eye. Nothing good ever came of it. He’d punish me for such

“It’s time to get you clean and prepped. I have a special guest

Which translated into he owed someone money or a favor, and the best way to
pay them back was to let them use me how they saw fit. He’d turned me
into his personal whore, and if I dared to disobey or fight back, then it
got much worse. In the twisted mind of Gary Leeds, I owed him for the food
he gave me and the roof over my head. And he took payment however he wanted,
whenever he wanted.

He pulled the keys from his pocket and unfastened my cuffs. The first time
they’d rusted, he’d cursed about me costing him additional
money. Now he freed me when it was shower time, but I didn’t dare try
to run away. I rubbed at my wrists as he hauled me to my feet and began
shoving me in the direction of the bathroom.

Gary twisted the shower knob, only the cold one. He got a perverse pleasure
out of watching my nipples get hard under the icy spray. With a grin
stretching his lips, he jabbed me until I stumbled under the water, then
reached for the soap. Every time he washed me, I went somewhere else in my
mind. His hands lingered in places I tried not to think about. When the
water turned off, I quickly dried myself, braided my long hair, then went
back into the bedroom. He’d said this was a special client, which
meant he’d take me to the playroom.

Gary put another set of cuffs on me, prettier ones to showcase his
merchandise, then led me downstairs. He unlocked the door to my worst
nightmare, then pushed me inside. The lights came on, nearly blinding me,
and I tried not to look at everything in the room. I already knew what was
here. I’d experienced it all firsthand.

He led me over to the waist-high table, then forced me over it. Once
he’d secured my hands at the middle of my back and anchored me to the
table, he kicked my legs apart and fastened my ankles to two O-rings on the
floor. Shackled and unable to move, I stood bent over the bench and spread
wide for whatever his guest wanted to do. It also would give them access to
my mouth. I hated Gary. Hated his friends. Hated my life.

Gary leaned over me, his breath against my ear, his cock pressing against
me. “Let’s get you ready, shall we?”

I stared blankly at the wall ahead of me. He took great pleasure in lubing
me, then inserting the largest anal plug he owned. It was silver, and the
metal was cold as it entered me. I winced as it burned and stretched me, but
crying out only gave him a thrill. He loved to make me suffer.

A knock at the door drew Gary’s attention. I heard a murmur of voices
when he went to the hallway. He typically liked to leave me like this for a
while before anyone arrived. He’d look at me, touch me, let his
favorite guards do the same. After his guest finished with me, he’d
allow any of his staff to fuck me.

The room was chilly, and my nipples were so hard they hurt. That was the
main reason for the temperature of the room. Gary loved seeing the tips of
my breasts harden into peaks. Even if it wasn’t from desire, he got
off on it. Enjoyed touching them.

I heard a loud voice drawing nearer and realized the man had a thick
accent. Russian? Oh, hell. My nape prickled. If Gary had borrowed money from
the Bratva, I didn’t think the offer of my body would be enough.
I’d heard stories of how ruthless they were. The man entered the room.
I didn’t dare look at him, but I was aware of his presence. It was a
tangible thing, his voice like a caress against my skin.

“What is the meaning of this?” the man demanded. “I can
have a whore without relieving your debts. Did you forget the Bratva-owned
brothels are the best in this city?”

“Of course not, Mr. Sobol. I meant no disrespect. I’ve had many
compliments over Raina and thought only to offer her to you as a down
payment on the amount I owe. As a kryshas for Mr. Petrov, I thought perhaps
we could come to an agreement. In exchange for an hour with her in the
playroom, you lessen my debt by, say… one thousand?” Gary

The Russian snorted. “Nyet.”


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